Sunday, March 23, 2014

He literally took his heart out for me

"I saw him there. Tall and dark he was. His back was facing me so I couldn't see his face. But I could feel his coldness towards me. Everything around us was dark and cold. He asked me to follow him and I did. He didn't face me but he suddenly stopped before a door to another dark room. He let out his left hand and a little flashes of light came and I saw a heart in his left hand. It was white, pale, shrunk, bloodless and yet, still beating, very slowly. He literally took his heart out for me. He slowly walk into the room. It was still cold but there's a little light in this room. I followed him. The light came out from a surgery lamp that stood in between two surgery beds. He slowly walk to the bed and laid down on it. He asked me to take my heart out. I don't know how and why, but without hesitation, I took my heart out and gave it to him. My heart was warm, bloody and still beating too. He gave his cold heart to me and I gave my warm heart to him. He put my heart in his chest and I put his heart in my chest. I could feel his cold heart starting to beat in me and blood pumping all over it. I can hear his breathing. And then, he told me, I have made him alive."

---> This was my dream last night. I sort of like saw flashes of these images and heard these words : "He literally took his heart out for me" and "I have made him alive". After Subuh prayer, I sat on the prayer mat for almost half and hour, in the dark (I didn't switch on the lights) trying to figure out what kind of dream I had. The two sentences just now keep on repeating in my head, again and again the whole day and I couldn't stop thinking about that pale and bloodless heart. The dream was so vivid until I could remember it so clearly until now. I heard the voices that told me, 'he literally took his heart out for me' in my head a lot of times today. I wanted to figure out the meaning of this dream but in the end, I conclude, there's no use to it. Mimpi itu cuma mainan tidur. Maybe I have been imagining things too much. *sigh*