Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten simple ways to be happy

In he name of Allah,the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful


It's been a little while since my last entry.. Inspired from one good friend of mine, Ezzah Syahira, I wrote this entry, read and apply in our lives..

1) Always have faith. In Allah,what He have for you and in your dreams and people around you.
2) Serve well. To your God,religion,country,family,friends and self.
3) Dream well. To draw the path of your life is to first dream about it.
4) Eat well. Eat what you like but also eat what is good to you.
5) Laugh well. Laugh is a remedy to painful days.Laugh not to forget pain but to lighten it.
6) Cry well. Cry when you must. Let it all go and then stand again stronger than before.
7) Love well. Love people around you and they'll love you back.Being loved is always a pleasure.
8) Be content in life. Do not always envy others that seems better than you. Work hard to get what you want but always be positive even when you fail to get it.
9) Be forgiving. When you forgive others, you will feel at peace and life will be a bless to you.
10) Live to die. Remembering death makes you do everything at your best. Even if it doesn't work as you planned, you'll have no regrets because you've given your best attempts to it.

With lots and lots of LOVE,