Saturday, January 17, 2015



Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

I know this come a bit too late but, "Happy New Year !!" *clap2*

hahaha. hurm *clear throats*

Anyway, before I stray further, here's the first post of 2015 *YAY*. Since the past few weeks, I have been thinking on what issue I want to dedicate my first post of 2015 to. At first, I thought, maybe I should write about my daddy's birthday on 6th January (which was also got7's leader : JB's birthday) But, unfortunately, on the date, I had my final examination. T.T. Anyway, I sent a cute video and picture of birthday wish which he scolded me for being cheesy for. *duh* 

Then, came 10th January, which was his birthday. A date that meant so much for me last year but well, idgaf now. But Happy Birthday anyway. As days pass, we come to this date today, 16th January : One year anniversary of GOT7's debut. *jump2*


Recently, those videos of Malay girls being hugged by K-Pop star, B14A had become viral and so many people gave their 20 cents on this issue. But first, let me be clear, I do listen to KPOP songs but, a true fanatic kpopper? Nope. I do fan-girling over those kpop star but not to the extent of collecting all their cds or pasting their posters on my bedroom walls. (I am a sane kpop fan after all). Anyway, what I meant to say was, I am not supporting the 'hugging' acts but people are being biased and double standard here. What happened to those girls are wrong but why blame the whole kpop fans society here? What about the Malay actors and actresses who are hugging each other on TV everyday? Aren't they guilty too? Think about it for a second. 

Anyway, I love listening to various genres of music. I listen to Malay songs (some of it), I love Maroon 5, Britney Spears, Ciara and I love Blue and N'sync. I even listen to hindi songs, japanese songs, thai songs and Led Zappelin. Starting last year, I fell in love with this new boy group of kpop called GOT7. I started following about this group after I saw JB and Jr on Dream High 2. Before they debuted as GOT7, they debuted as Project JJ, with the song 'Bounce' which was really catchy and starting from that pointon, I started following them and after GOT7 debuted on 16th January 2014 with the song 'Girls Girls', I started following them. 
Honestly, I love the groups under JYP and YG, like 2PM, 4min, BigBang and 2ne1. I don't really prefer other groups under SM though sometimes I do listen to SuJu, DBSK and FT Island. Anyway, why I love GOT7? Here's why.

1) Their songs are catchy and playful which suits their age.(like Yugyeom once said in an interview, their style is mainly hip-hop, b-boy + martial arts and songs that are sometimes playful like a boy and mature like a man which reflects their average age : 21yo - an age of a teenage boy moving on to adulthood)

2) Their dance moves are mostly light, cute and easy to follow (a few steps in 'Stop it' and 'Girls Girls' are cute and easy to follow ). And of course, like their sunbaenim, 2PM, these kids also have some acrobatic moves and flying tricks which are really cooooooll !

3) The members of GOT7 are aged 21& 22 (this year : Mark is the eldest - 22yo) So, they are still playful and quite childish but sometimes they can be really hot and sexy (like Jackson) - *suddenly remembered Jackson once said : "uhm.. I'm wild and sexy"* --- He REALLY is !! 

4) They are called international dream team (because they have 3 non-korean members :Mark, Jackson and Bambam). They are also very well known in Europe, Japan and SE Asia within even though they have only debuted for a year, which is quite a good achievement for them.

5) Each members have their own charms and it is never boring to watch them. They have skills, potential,charisma, charms and that personality that can push them further in this industry. They are really funny during TV appearances and when I watched their dance practice and 'Real GOT7', I never failed to laugh my ass off and be charmed by these boys. 

Anyway, to those who haven't heard of GOT7, let me introduce the members of GOT7 :

1) Im Jae Bum (6 January 1994) - JB 

- Position : Leader, Vocal
- Nickname : Jaebonggi, Father (he likes to call the other members 'kids')
- Education : Geonguk University
- Height/ Weight : 179cm/66kg
-Nationality : Korean
- Trivia: JB actually debuted as an actor in Dream High 2 (2012) before he debuted with Jr in JJ Project.
JB became a JYP trainee in 2009 after winning 1st place at a JYP Open Audition, which he tied with Jr. in
Because of his calmness, placid facial expressions, he can sometimes appear as “cold” or “tough” to strangers. He is often being teased by other members when he's being too fatherly and caring. Though so, other members respect and listens to him because of his charismatic leader charm. He admits that it is hard for him to act cute and say cheesy stuffs. JB shares one bed with Youngjae in their dorm. JB is also fluent in Japanese and English.

2) Park Jin Young (22 September 1994) - Junior (He shares the name as the president of JYP Ent.)

- Position : Lead Vocalist
- Nickname : Jiroungi and mother
- Education : Kyunggi High School
- Height/ Weight : 178cm / 63 kg
- Nationality : Korean
- Trivia :  Jr has his own room in the dorm, which the other members claimed that his room is the messiest. He likes to eat meat, hamburger and pizza. JB thinks that he resembles actors Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Soo Hyun a bit but most of the time, people said that he looks a lot like his sunbae, Taecyeon of 2PM, especially when he smiles. Jr often claims himself to be the king of aegyo (acting cute) in the group, although other members think BamBam is better at it. Jr is the slowest member of GOT7 because he takes the longest time to get ready as he likes to do everything slowly and with ease. Jr's specialty is dancing and he personally choreographed the dance moves of the song "Follow Me".

3)  Choi Young Jae (17 September 1996) - Youngjae

- Position : Main Vocal
- Education : Seoul Korea Arts High School
- Height/Weight : 175cm/59kg
-Nationality : Korean
- Trivia : Youngjae was trained only for 8 months before GOT7 debuted. JYP was attracted by Joungjae's unique voice and strong vocals. Youngjae likes to play football and hates cucumber because the cucumbers made him feels like throwing up. Nichkhun of 2PM thinks that Youngjae is the best looking face in GOT7 and he has the best eye smile, though Jr thinks otherwise. Out of the seven membersof GOT7, Youngjae sleeps the most and he is the most difficult person to wake up every morning.
4) Kim Yu Gyeom (17 November 1997) - Yu Gyeom

- Position : Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae
- Education: Hamlim Arts High School - Majoring in street dance
- Height/ Weight : 180cm/ 64kg
- Nationality : Korean
- Trivia : Yugyeom is said to be the most pure and innocent member of the group because of his youthful baby face. Though so, he is always being mistaken as the eldest because of his height & mature and calm personality. But once he's started, he can be really whacky and playful. Yugyeom shares the same room as another maknae of the group, Bambam.Yugyeom won 2nd place at the Adrenaline House Dance Battle back in 2011 and he specialized in krumping,house dance and popping.

5) Khumpimok Buwakul (2 May 1997) - Bambam

- Position : Lead Rapper, Vocal, Maknae
- Education : Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School
- Height/ Weight : 170cm/52kg
- Nationality : Thailand
- Trivia : Bambam's mother is Rain's fan and she opened up a Korean Restaurant in Thailand, because of Rain. Bambam is a talented rapper. He can rap in Thai, Korean and English. He also loves to dance and his siblings : Baby, Bank and Beer are very well known dancers in Bangkok. Before debuting as a singer, Bambam has appeared in a few CF in Thailand.  He won 1st place in a “Rain Cover Dance” competition in Thailand back in 2007. He also won 2nd place in a “LG Entertainer” competition in Thailand in 2010. Bambam is good friends with f(x)’s Amber, whom he first met during a friendly badminton game. Bambam is agreed to be the cutest member of GOT7 and he performs the best fan service.

6) Tuan Yi En (4 September 1993) - Mark 

- Position: Lead Rapper, Vocal
- Education : Arcadia High School
- Height/ Weight : 175cm/ 59kg
- Nationality : Taiwanese (But he was raised in Los Angeles, United States)
- Trivia : Mark is 100% Chinese, his Cantonese and English are very fluent because he grew up in United States. He knows a little Portuguese as he lived in Brazil and Paraguay for a little while during his childhood. Mark is quiet and shy and because of his cute baby face, most people think that JB is the eldest in the group, instead of Mark. He is also known as the 'Flying Member' as he always perform the acrobatic flying tricks during their performances. Mark is living in the same room as Jackson and they usually use Cantonese and English to converse with each other. Mark's husky and manly voice is his main keypoint to melt fan's heart. Mark's father, owned a Twitter account (known as Papa Tuan) which he used to troll Mark's fan and anti fans. One of Papa Tuan's famous troll is when a fan asked for Mark's hand in marriage and Papa Tuan replied : "Without hands, how is he going to hold the mic and sing." *lol*

7) Wang Ka Yee (28 March 1994) - Jackson *my fav member ! Kyaaaa ~~*

-Position : Rapper,Vocal, Wild and Sexy Image
- Education : American International School, Hong Kong
- Height/ Weight : 174cm/63kg
- Nationality : Hong Kong
- Trivia :  Like Mark, Jackson is a 100% Chinese but he is multi lingual and very fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, and English. He is known for his rapping and beatboxing skills. Jackson can rap in English, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin. Jackson claims to be the sexiest and wildest member of GOT7. He is also the most outgoing and sassiest member. He got the nickname 'Neighbourhood Idiot' because of his nature of  acting and saying whatever comes first in his mind. Because of that, he is being considered as the funniest member although he didn't meant to be funny at the time. Jackson was a member of the Fencing National Team in Hong Kong, where he won 1st place in the Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship in 201. Jackson's father (Wang Rui Ji) was a former coach of Hong Kong National Fencing Team while his mother, Zhou Ping is the gold medalist for World Gymnastics Championship. Influenced by his father, Jackson started fencing at the age of 10 but he had always loved practicing hip hop dance moves, rapping and beatboxing.