Friday, February 15, 2013

Foundation Days..


Today I feel this sudden reminiscence of my Foundation Days at UiTM Kuantan.. My life there was probably one of the best phase in my life. It was the joy of my youth, the first time I went away from my family and it was the time I met the friends that I never knew before but the friendship that blooms was the best of all. It was like I have known them for ages. We could have spent years together but fate had bigger plans for us, after we were done with foundation, we were separated to carve and walk down our own paths of fate. Some of us continue with TeSL, some continue with communication, some continue with management and some continue with language studies. Like I did. 

It is perhaps bold to say that 1 year of foundation served more fond memories to me than that of 5 years I spent at school but I was to some extant is true. When I was at school, I didn't stay at the hostel. And so, memories were majorly made in class and during some school activities. I don't really have much memories with my dorm-mates because I have only stayed at the hostel during my SPM examination. A period which was proven very brief to give me sufficient memories of living in a hostel. This is definitely very different from my foundation days because I had experienced a semester (about four months) living in a dorm with about other 15 girls or so. Each day we had was a different one from a day before and the semester after that, I lived in a room consist of 2 person per room but we visited each other and enjoy 'lepak-ing' in each other rooms, typing a new status on Facebook and having a 'comment and like war' after that.

There are so much memories. Some were not recorded & captured in videos or pictures but they were remembered and deeply etched to both my heart and brain. The time we spent walking to 'Arked Padang Lalang' together, being careful so that the dogs won't chase us. The moments we spent eating together while sharing latest and hottest gossips.The tiredness and fun we shared while walking back and forth to the mall every weekend and the pleasure we had while learning in class with our lecturers. Every subjects had suddenly became my favourite subject, unlike at school where I totally despised maths and science subjects. But when I was at foundation, all there was to learn were about language. The love of my life. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed learning and studying. I enjoyed living in a hostel and I enjoyed staying away from my family because when I was there, I made new family members : My friends!

Truth to be told, there are too many memories I have made there. There are many friends that I wish can stay by my side forever. I have not know them for so long, but the bond was so strong. The friends I have made during school time were precious to me, as the friends that I have made during my foundation time. And now, I am moving towards the second semester of my degree life.The first semester was obviously a packed one, with much controversy and problems hanging around and some serious time management failure which drove us to the crazy and hectic last minute preparation for drama, presentation and completing assignments. All the events and drama performing we have done together, all were fun and memorable. The first semester was totally awesome. I have met new, awesome and havoc friends and I am curious of what second semester will bring. But stick to this : always do more and expect less. Which I intended to apply strictly in my studies in the second semester. The subjects are getting tougher but with my family,friends and beloved along, things will be just fine~ 

All in all, in life, we will meet many people. Some we meet for a while and some stick to us till the very end. But there are always reasons why our paths are crossed together and there are always reasons for things that we are going through. Every tears, every smile and every laughter are always there for a reason. They coloured our life and add tastes to our every memories. Bitter, sweet, sour or whatever it is. Every choices we choose lead us the a path of its own, sometimes it crosses each other and sometimes it doesn't. Don't spare time to cry if you have the time to laugh. Smile to every difficulties and cry to every pain but never forget to live and laugh at every hardships. Appreciate every moment and live every second. All these help us to grow and be a better person. InsyaAllah.. :)