Friday, December 14, 2012

Menjelang Final..

*Special dedication for my course mates..*

Assalamualaikum and hello..

My dear course-mates..sedar tak sedar,dah dekat final sem 1 dah kita ni..Dalam dekat2 dengan final ni,bayak pulak keje kita kan..Sketch untuk Linguistic..Test Linguistic & History..Test UIU persuasive speech lagi..nak study untuk final lagi..Medieval Party yang entah jadi entah tidak tu lagi..Dalam masa ni, macam tak cukup 24jam dalam sehari tu kan ?? (exaggeration sikit..hehe)

Apa2 pun, sebelum final yang tak berapa lama lagi akan tiba ni, saya dengan rendah hati nya menyusun sepuluh jari tangan dan sepuluh jari kaki memohon maaf andai tersalah bahasa, tergurau senda yang melebih, tersilap tampar @ sepak..Apa2 jelah..mintak maaf banyak2..halal kan makan minum saya..kalau terambil keropok,gula2 @ biskut lebih sikit tu..mintak halal ye..hihihi..

I wish all of us the best in our first your very best & have fun nanti cuti sem tu..jangan makan banyak2 sangat..hihihi..Insya-Allah, ada kejayaan untuk kita semua..jangan tension2 dengan final..usaha yang sehabis baik..okey ? Love you all..Assalamualaikum... :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Petang di Pantai..


Petang tadi aku, Dayah & Farhan pegi Pantai Teluk Ketapang..hihihi~ Last week kan busy sikit dengan assignment,tujuan pegi pantai tadi nye untuk melepaskan tekanan, here's some photos I've took.. :) 

Sedang merenung nasib..

Sedang meng'usha' family2 sweet yang sedang berpicnic

Nampak macam bentuk burung helang kan awan ni ?? :P

Menikmati petang yang mendamaikan..

Bermain2 dengan ombak

menghayati keindahan matahari terbenam.. :)
Terasa best pulak lepas boleh melepas perasaan kat pantai..tergelak-gelak dan menjerit-jerit macam kanak2 ribena bila dikejar ombak..hahaha...tekanan yang lepas sudah terangkat..bersedia untuk tekanan minggu2 seterusnya pulak..all the best in finals !! :)

p/s : Permata yang indah dan utuh terhasil dari tekanan yang beribu-ribu tahun lama nya.. so,do not fret over just a little pressure, it'll shape you into beautiful diamonds one day :)..Assalamualaikum..

Monday, December 3, 2012

In Torment Bed of Roses..

Love is a bed of roses,
Indulged by its succulence smell,
But tormented by its blade-like thorns,
In dread I am of losing you,
The miles are not the excuses,
In dread I am of missing you,
Perhaps for so much hope I put,
In dread I am of dreaming you,
For months it is I long for you,
In dread I am of loving you,
For this love is not easy,
For this road is not meant,
To be as walking on paved path,
This road is difficult,
For the difficulties bears patience,
And with patience, this love grows,
With patience I will wait,
Even in the gravest dread.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sketch - The Little Red Riding Hood


Reflecting back the day that we were supposed to present the sketch, it was one of the chaotic and exhausting day for me..I was totally exhausted from the late night practice, and on the next day, History of English Language was the breakfast and my spirit on that that day was not on top-notch..

Immediately after class at 11, me,Farhan,Yana and Dayah went for our brunch and  I called Omar to confirm the venue for our presentation..Omar said it was supposed to be at Library's Auditorium. Since Lib's Audi is new to us, we decided to search for the location of the Audi first..Alhamdulillah, we found the place and we checked the stage and test the microphone and plan on how we are supposed to stand on the stage so that our voice can be heard by our audiences.

Then, after checking everything and planned about this and that, we hurriedly went back to our hostels and pack our things that we are supposed to use for this sketch..Only Farhan had her clothes changed for the character at that time. When we arrived at the Audi, Payeh insisted on us to practice on the song but Yana insisted on putting on the wolves make up first since the make up takes about an hour to complete..

It was 1pm and Yana started applying make up on herself and I started to change into Dayah's blue baju kurung for Miss Blue. Then, I helped Dayah with her wolf make up. 

My work..wasn't as good as Yana's :)

And then, it was 2pm and we haven't put make up on Payeh and we're the first group to go. It started to get hectic..we're the lucky first group..and I started to feel nausea.. It was bad..I rushed to put glitters and make up on Payeh..I helped Payeh with his wings..My hands were terribly shaking at that time..I feel like vomiting..I feel like fainting..But then, we had to start...And start we did..

This was from Madam Mahani's Cam.. :(

After we finished, I felt as if this one heavy burden being lifted and I felt so relieved..And here are a few photos taken after the sketch..Enjoy :)

The wolf

With Madam Mahani :)

Group photo :)

The Wolf and Miss Red :)

The sisters, Miss Red and Miss Blue :)

In the washroom, washing the make-up off :)

Last photo before washing off the make up :)

This is us !! :)

An and the trees we made :)
Trying to be a wee bit cute with that bear :)
Me and Princess Cyril Ryan :)
Jong, me,the trees,Kritha and Dini :)

Well, I guess this is all for now.. Insya-Allah, I'll try to get the video of our presentation and post it here to share with all of you..and more photos here :) Thank You..Assalamualaikum.. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sketch - Behind the scenes


The last 21st November was one of the most memorable day in my life..On that day, me and my classmates had one full 4hours period of our Public Speaking class. The 4hours were allocated for us to present our very first assignment for this subject, sketch..In this assignment, we were tasked to find one bedtime story or one folk story and then change it accordingly to our creativity.

So, here's some of the 'behind-the-scenes' for our sketch :)

20 September 2012..Our first meeting..we chose 'Little Red Riding Hood' as our story and add the character 'Fairy' and 'Miss Blue'..To make it different from the original story..

The first meeting was a little bit playful..hehehe..But then we managed to plan on our props,character and everything..

21st September 2012..We went out to buy stuffs for our props..I remembered that all six of us had to be 'sardin-ed' in the car..We went to buy lots and lots of things at Mydin and Pustaka Seri Intan..And we stopped at Pantai Teluk Ketapang before heading home to our hostels since someone asked for 'Sotong Celup Pantai' and we had to grant the wish of the cutest person in the group. :)

There he is,the cutest person in our group :)

Thinking of her Milo :)

We have spent almost a month to prepare for this sketch. Worth only for 10% but then, we gave our all as if this is for our final presentation. We spent hours to make our props..Including the legendary tree and the handmade cape for Miss Red and Miss Blue..

On 6th October 2012,we work very hard together to paint the background for our sketch. And thanks a lot to Kak Dila..For coming and helping us with the drawing and colour mixture.. :)

The meme faces were actually for the opening but we decided not to use it at last :(

On 27th of October, we finished making the tree and Fairy's wings..but then, I didn't capture much picture since it was night and with a phone as cheap as mine,the image wouldn't be so, I wouldn't bother capturing much images at all..hehehe

This were supposed to be the wolves' ears..but it was ugly..
so,Yana changed it to a cuter one

On the 20th November, we had our last practice..We had the practice on the evening until late at night..It was rather tiring,but somehow..its worth it..

The two cute wolves...without special wolf make-up :)

The two sisters, Miss Blue and Miss Red :)

Grandmother and the forest fairy :)
Well,that's all for behind the scenes...In the next post, I will be sharing more photos of us on the day of the presentation.. Ciao.. Assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hostel Life..

I sent my younger sister to the hostel just now. Walking along the corridor, I reminisced my short life at the hostel. I was not very fond of this place back then. But now that I have returned to this place after 2 years,I realized what kind of lovely place it was. Not in terms of facilities but in terms of all the memoirs that it holds. I stayed there not more than two months. But then, I was as if I had spent years there. With all the mischief I have done with my friends.

 I was not an innocent kid back than. I have done a lot of mischief and crazy things that I wished I had not done. But then, when I come to think of it again, those memories shape the 'me' today. I had done so many things in the past. So many mischief,so many vandalism and so many stupid things and those are the memories that would always be in my memories forever. 

Most of all, one reason for me not to forget all these memories is that those memories I shared with my friends. All those things that we have done together, good or bad, stupid or not, those are memories. That one day, we will laugh or cry over it. One day. When our hair turned grey and our cheek are drawn with lines. We will sit together and the reminiscence of our school life will come. Insya-Allah that day will come. :)

I miss all my dear friends. We have all grown up so well and went on our own separate ways. All the best for all of us. May this friendship never dies, no matter where we are. May us all stay in good health. May all of us be good children to our parents. May we all be good human beings that bring use to the society. And may Allah lead us the best path in our life. Insya-Allah :)


Dil to pagal hai~

"What can I tell you about him ?
Where do I begin ?
Well, you should realize that :
I have never met anyone like him.
Sometimes, he's an 'angel',
Sometimes, he's the 'devil',
Sometimes he's crazy,
Sometimes he's a genius, 
Sometimes he scold me,
And sometimes he makes funny faces,
And makes me laugh,
At times, he is more stubborn than a child,
And at times he is a beloved companion,
What he is or is not,
I cannot really express in words,
But I don't know why..
I feel that when he looks at me,
I am beautiful,
When he laughs,
I feel like dancing,
When he's upset,
I feel like holding him in my arms,
When he loves me,
my eyes filled with tears,
He made me realized that :
I am made for him and he is made for me,
I love him very much,
Not for one day or one moment..
But for my whole life.."

-Pooja,Dil To Pagal Hai-

#Dil To Pagal Hai ( The Heart Is Crazy) was  released on October 31, 1997, depicting the love lives of dancers in a musical dance troupe. The tag line is "Someone,somewhere is made for you..." It was directed by Yash Chopra. It stars Shah Rukh Khan (Rahul), Madhuri Dixit (Pooja) , Karishma Kapoor (Nisha) and Akshay Kumar (Ajay) in a supporting role.-WIKI-

*Specially dedicated to Q...This is for you..and this is what I feel for you.. :)