Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love :)


Oh ! Oh ! Mario Fans !! Sawadee Kapp !! 

Hahaha.. I am so crazy for Mario Maurer & Fern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul and their 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' a.k.a 'First Love'. 

Fern & Mario's First Love has become an Asian sensation. This movie is quite an inspirational movie about Nam (Fern) and Shone (Mario) who kept their love for each other as a secret from each other for 3years and waited patiently for each other for almost 12 years !!! *wow*

The movie begins with Nam, a year one junior having a crush towards her year 3 senior,Shone. She tried to do many things with her 3 best friends to get his attention. 
Nam and her three best friends
In the beginning of the movie, Nam was an ugly girl but she has the cute and interesting side of her but Shone was the hottest guy at school and every girl at school is hitting on him. Nam joined the Drama Club because Shone was in the Art Club which is assisting the Drama Club in making their props and costume.
Nam stalking on Shone at a coffee shop after school
 It turns out after that, Nam was chosen to play the role as 'Snow White' in the next drama.
Nam as the Snow White
There was this one sweet incident when Nam almost fall from the stage and Shone caught her hand. *love it* 

After the drama, Nam turned into a beautiful girl and start taking care about her appearance. At the same time, Shone's childhood friend, Top moved to the school and started to show interest to Nam.

Shone & Top in their school uniforms

Top is watching Nam performing as Snow White
Not long after that, Nam was chosen to become their province's drum major because of her beauty.
Nam as a drum major
On Valentine's Day, Shone gave a white rose to Nam but he said it was from his friend (it was actually from him but he was tight lipped and he couldn't say that the rose was from him). 

Shone and his white roses
On the next day, Top confessed to Nam and Nam agreed. Top,Nam and Shone spent time most of their time together after that and Nam begins to abandon her 3 best friends. On one of her best friend's birthday,(Cheer), Nam went on a picnic with Shone and Top and their popular friends.

Nam and Shone during their picnic
During the campfire, Top kissed Nam. When he sent Nam home after that, Nam asked to break up with Top. At the same time, Nam is also abandoned by her friends who were hurt by when she decided to go on a picnic on her best friend's birthday.Heartbroken, Nam diverted her attention to studying but she never forgets about Shone. In the end of her third year, she makes up with her best friends and becomes the top student.

Nam with her friends - befriend again
As promised by her father (earlier in the movie), if she excels in her examination, she will continue her studies abroad and live with her father in America. Her friends convinced her to confess to Shone before she leaves for America and never be able to see Shone again. Nam agrees and prepared a white rose for Shone

Nam is preparing a white rose for Shone
On the last day at school, Nam went to the pool to confess but at the time, Shone was in a 'fake relationship' with his best friend,Pin. Nam was shocked and fell into the pond. *I cried every time I watch this part*

After she confessed
Nam was once again heart broken and decided to move on although she knows deep inside she will never be able to forget Shone. Shone, on the other hand, went home and received a news from his father that he is joining Bangkok Glass Junior Football Team. Thrilled, he hugged his mother and went to the fridge where he still keeps the chocolate Nam gave him from 3years ago. He went into his room and opens a notebook which he keeps Nam's pictures in it. *this is one best part where, the flashbacks shows how Shone also have the same feeling towards Nam all these years but he was unable to express it.I cried to this part every time I watch this movie.*

Some of Nam's photo in Shone's notebook

Both Nam and Shone after the last day at school
After that, 9 years passed and now Nam is a successful and beautiful fashion designer and Shone is a famous (and still a handsome) professional photographer.  
Nam's Transformation
Shone after 9 years,longer hair, darker skin..but still as handsome as ever.. :)
Nam is invited to be a guest in a TV show where she revealed her unchanging feelings towards Shone and tell us how she used love in a good way to inspire her to change from and ugly girl into a beautiful girl and study really hard to become the best student and impress Shone. The host then announced Shone as the special guess. Nam was shocked to see Shone. She asked Shone if he has been married. He answered : 
'I have....been waiting for someone to return from America' :) *so sweet !*

It was a happy ending and why I said this movie is an inspirational movie despite the whole storyline revolves around teenager's love ??? This movie for me is about a teenager who is having a crush to her senior. It is very common in our society actually, even I had experienced this but none of them was actually love. In this movie, Nam was deeply in love with Shone to the extent that she voluntarily try to improve herself for good no matter how difficult it is. In other way, she is using love as an inspiration for her to become better in every aspect. *the same thing is happening to me now, I am trying to use my love for 'him' and make this love change me to become a better person*. There are also elements of friendship in the movie between Nam and his friends and Shone and Top. Shone never confessed to Nam because he promised Top that he would never hit on Nam after Top broke up with Nam.

Moral of the story is, love finds us. No matter how far we chase the love, if it is not destined to be ours, it will never be ours and no matter how far we try to run away from the love, if it is ours, it will eventually be ours, no matter how long it takes. This happened to me.(almost similarly but not the same) When I was in primary school, I was in the same school with 'him'. Then we meet again in the secondary school but never once I thought fate would tie us in a special bond like this,now. There was once I had a crush on him but it eventually faded when he moved to another school. All I thought at that time, crushes come and goes. Never once I think of him coming back into my life after few years, confessed and here we are. Like this. My story might not be as sweet as Nam&Shone's. All of us have our own stories. But however the story goes, LOVE is a powerful force. Use it for good and look how great yourself can be. *As how Dumbledore said it : USE IT WELL* Be loved, be inspired, be strong for the person you love, is a beautiful thing. 

P/S: Can't wait for A Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2 : The Missing Years.. The sequel movie of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a movie that will reveal what happened to Nam and Shone during the 9 years they are apart with each other. Can't wait !! Can't wait !!! :P hahaha.. 

I guess this is it for now..Thanks for reading !! :) 

---> This movie is based on a true story and I would love to know the lucky two person who are having this sweet love relationship ~.~