Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School in Hosital Programme


Last 14th March, I went to Hospital Sultanah Nuz Zahirah. Was I sick ?? No, not at all. I was there for Sekolah Kita Programme or also known as School in Hospital Programme. This is a charity programme which is under the Faculty of Languages and Communication (FALCOM) UniSZA which gives us the opportunity to go to HSNZ and meet unfortunate kids who fell ill and unable to attend class. So we will go there and teach them English and other things to help them cope with the classes that they missed and we should also entertain and cheer them so that when they are being happy and in a positive state of mind, they will be able to heal faster.

 My group consisted of 6 members which includes me. The other members who went was Jemba, Payeh, Farhan, Yana and Dayah. Yes, the members for the drama last time. Yes, the same old face. But with these people I feel comfortable and easy to work with and so I choose them to team up with me. (Since I was the one Madam Mahani trusted to find the people interested to join this programme, I had the power choosing who I want in my group and I also had the power to arrange the people in the groups that I feel suitable..hehe) And since our group was the first to go, we must be able to really work with each other regardless of any situation that might come our way.

Last week was one busy week and quite packed and so, we haven't had that much time to meet up with the lecturer that will be accompanying us. At first I thought that the lecturer would be Madam Mahani and then on Wednesday she gave me a list of every student joining this programme along with their groupings and their respective lecturers in charge. I went to FBK's office in the evening at four after my Talaqi class.  After seeing the list, I learn that the lecturer who will accompany is Madam Alia whom I barely know, since she doesn't teach me and so I asked Madam Alia's phone number from Madam Mahani and called Madam Alia to brief her about what we are going to do for this programme. Unluckily for us, Madam Alia was on her way home when we called and so she asked us to meet her on the day after that (Thursday). That night, we prepared a little bit of things that we wanted to do for the kids.

On the next day, we had UBI class at Umar Lab which is just two blocks away from Ali, (Madam Alia's office is at Ali). After the class, I checked my phone and Madam Alia texted me to ask me to meet Madam Sally to brief about the activities that we planned for the kids. I walked to Ali with Farhan and Yana as Dayah, Payeh and Jemba had to meet their Academic Advisers. We briefed the activities we wanted to do and showed to Madam Sally some of our materials. She was surprised that we actually prepared. Madam Sally was actually expecting us to not yet prepared anything since we haven't met the lecturer who will accompany us. We told Madam Sally that we asked Madam Mahani's opinion and guidance in planning what to do with the kids. Madam Sally said that we did a great job and although we were the juniors, we actually prepared more than the seniors before us. After that, we had a little bit of a talk with Madam Sally and she shared with us about our seniors. (which is secret and I am not going to reveal it here ! :D )

At 1.40 we're supposed to ride in the van provided by the university but I was quite late and we only departed at 1.45. In the van, I briefed Madam Alia about our activities and she seemed satisfied and looking forward to seeing how we communicate,educate and entertain the kids. We arrived at the hospital at exactly 2.30pm but we lost our way since none of us including Madam Alia had ever went to Sekolah Kita Clinic before. It is a special room for this program, fully sponsored by Exxon-Mobil and located quite far from the Children's Ward. After we arrived at Sekolah Kita Clinic, we were brought to the cute and colourful classroom. Here are some pictures at the classroom and after this, I will continue sharing about the activities. Do relax your eyes first and enjoy all the pictures taken by Jemba.

Look at how colourful this class is

Some kids and their mother who are waiting for us
Introducing ourselves and asking the kids to introduce themselves

Teaching the kids about animals,their names and sounds

Yeah ! that's my drawings.. hehe

The kids were asked to match the names of the animals to the pictures
Singing and dancing to Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Yana is drawing one mask for herself

Helping Amirul to draw his animal mask

Dayah and Daniel with his animal mask

Helping Yana to wear her 'Mighty Tiger Mask'
Daniel is trying his luck

Zul managed to pull the block without ruining the whole arrangement

Yana wanted to try too
me, Dayah and Farhan with Daniel who had problems with his kidneys

Dayah,Yana & Farhan with Aiman, he had Thalasemia

Jemba with Daniel, Zul Irfan and Zul Aiman

All the group members with the kids
 The activities we did was first, asking the kids to match the animal names to their respective pictures. After that, we asked the kids to make the animal's sounds and ask them which animals had furs, which animal had beaks and so on. We awarded the kids with a friendship bracelet which we made on our own. After that, we proceeded to animal mask making. We helped the kids to make their masks according to the animal of their choice.Next, we sang and dance to the nursery rhymes, Old MacDonald Had a Farm with the kids. Since the kids were sick, we asked them to just sit while joining us with the singing and the dancing. After we were done with the singing and dancing, we talked to them of what they had learned. We danced 'Chicken Dance' with them and played the blocks. Who ever ruined the blocks will sing a song. I was the one who ruined the block and thus I sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' along with the dance. After playing a few games, we danced to 'Chicken Dance' again and asked the kids to write on a piece of paper, their name,age and what they have learned today. After that we took a brief moment to thank the kids for cooperating with us and spending time to learn and have fun with us. We also thanked the mothers who allowed their children to join us in the programme and we had some photos taken with the kids.

And before going home, I also had a chance to pose 'cute-ly' on one of the cute chairs in the room and with one of the bears. :)

HAHA ! This is all for now ~ Till I write again in the next post ~ Thank You for reading !! :) Assalamualaikum..