Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hostel Life..

I sent my younger sister to the hostel just now. Walking along the corridor, I reminisced my short life at the hostel. I was not very fond of this place back then. But now that I have returned to this place after 2 years,I realized what kind of lovely place it was. Not in terms of facilities but in terms of all the memoirs that it holds. I stayed there not more than two months. But then, I was as if I had spent years there. With all the mischief I have done with my friends.

 I was not an innocent kid back than. I have done a lot of mischief and crazy things that I wished I had not done. But then, when I come to think of it again, those memories shape the 'me' today. I had done so many things in the past. So many mischief,so many vandalism and so many stupid things and those are the memories that would always be in my memories forever. 

Most of all, one reason for me not to forget all these memories is that those memories I shared with my friends. All those things that we have done together, good or bad, stupid or not, those are memories. That one day, we will laugh or cry over it. One day. When our hair turned grey and our cheek are drawn with lines. We will sit together and the reminiscence of our school life will come. Insya-Allah that day will come. :)

I miss all my dear friends. We have all grown up so well and went on our own separate ways. All the best for all of us. May this friendship never dies, no matter where we are. May us all stay in good health. May all of us be good children to our parents. May we all be good human beings that bring use to the society. And may Allah lead us the best path in our life. Insya-Allah :)