Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sketch - Behind the scenes


The last 21st November was one of the most memorable day in my life..On that day, me and my classmates had one full 4hours period of our Public Speaking class. The 4hours were allocated for us to present our very first assignment for this subject, sketch..In this assignment, we were tasked to find one bedtime story or one folk story and then change it accordingly to our creativity.

So, here's some of the 'behind-the-scenes' for our sketch :)

20 September 2012..Our first meeting..we chose 'Little Red Riding Hood' as our story and add the character 'Fairy' and 'Miss Blue'..To make it different from the original story..

The first meeting was a little bit playful..hehehe..But then we managed to plan on our props,character and everything..

21st September 2012..We went out to buy stuffs for our props..I remembered that all six of us had to be 'sardin-ed' in the car..We went to buy lots and lots of things at Mydin and Pustaka Seri Intan..And we stopped at Pantai Teluk Ketapang before heading home to our hostels since someone asked for 'Sotong Celup Pantai' and we had to grant the wish of the cutest person in the group. :)

There he is,the cutest person in our group :)

Thinking of her Milo :)

We have spent almost a month to prepare for this sketch. Worth only for 10% but then, we gave our all as if this is for our final presentation. We spent hours to make our props..Including the legendary tree and the handmade cape for Miss Red and Miss Blue..

On 6th October 2012,we work very hard together to paint the background for our sketch. And thanks a lot to Kak Dila..For coming and helping us with the drawing and colour mixture.. :)

The meme faces were actually for the opening but we decided not to use it at last :(

On 27th of October, we finished making the tree and Fairy's wings..but then, I didn't capture much picture since it was night and with a phone as cheap as mine,the image wouldn't be so, I wouldn't bother capturing much images at all..hehehe

This were supposed to be the wolves' ears..but it was ugly..
so,Yana changed it to a cuter one

On the 20th November, we had our last practice..We had the practice on the evening until late at night..It was rather tiring,but somehow..its worth it..

The two cute wolves...without special wolf make-up :)

The two sisters, Miss Blue and Miss Red :)

Grandmother and the forest fairy :)
Well,that's all for behind the scenes...In the next post, I will be sharing more photos of us on the day of the presentation.. Ciao.. Assalamualaikum :)