Monday, November 26, 2012

Sketch - The Little Red Riding Hood


Reflecting back the day that we were supposed to present the sketch, it was one of the chaotic and exhausting day for me..I was totally exhausted from the late night practice, and on the next day, History of English Language was the breakfast and my spirit on that that day was not on top-notch..

Immediately after class at 11, me,Farhan,Yana and Dayah went for our brunch and  I called Omar to confirm the venue for our presentation..Omar said it was supposed to be at Library's Auditorium. Since Lib's Audi is new to us, we decided to search for the location of the Audi first..Alhamdulillah, we found the place and we checked the stage and test the microphone and plan on how we are supposed to stand on the stage so that our voice can be heard by our audiences.

Then, after checking everything and planned about this and that, we hurriedly went back to our hostels and pack our things that we are supposed to use for this sketch..Only Farhan had her clothes changed for the character at that time. When we arrived at the Audi, Payeh insisted on us to practice on the song but Yana insisted on putting on the wolves make up first since the make up takes about an hour to complete..

It was 1pm and Yana started applying make up on herself and I started to change into Dayah's blue baju kurung for Miss Blue. Then, I helped Dayah with her wolf make up. 

My work..wasn't as good as Yana's :)

And then, it was 2pm and we haven't put make up on Payeh and we're the first group to go. It started to get hectic..we're the lucky first group..and I started to feel nausea.. It was bad..I rushed to put glitters and make up on Payeh..I helped Payeh with his wings..My hands were terribly shaking at that time..I feel like vomiting..I feel like fainting..But then, we had to start...And start we did..

This was from Madam Mahani's Cam.. :(

After we finished, I felt as if this one heavy burden being lifted and I felt so relieved..And here are a few photos taken after the sketch..Enjoy :)

The wolf

With Madam Mahani :)

Group photo :)

The Wolf and Miss Red :)

The sisters, Miss Red and Miss Blue :)

In the washroom, washing the make-up off :)

Last photo before washing off the make up :)

This is us !! :)

An and the trees we made :)
Trying to be a wee bit cute with that bear :)
Me and Princess Cyril Ryan :)
Jong, me,the trees,Kritha and Dini :)

Well, I guess this is all for now.. Insya-Allah, I'll try to get the video of our presentation and post it here to share with all of you..and more photos here :) Thank You..Assalamualaikum.. :)