Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Annual Dinner - A freaking fantastic night... :)


It maybe a little bit late for me to post new entry about the Annual Dinner of Foundation of TeSL and Law of UiTM Kuantan 2011/2012 which was held at The Zenith Hotel, Kuantan last Saturday (18th February 2012). But still I wanted to post this entry since my friends had been posting about this dinner in their blogs. :)

Yep ! that's me..with Belle..both wearing masks
The ceremony was undeniably grand and luxurious with the theme "masquerade and white lavender" (Yeah , we had the ceremony at a five-star hotel )  and I was only wearing Baju Kurung along with Wawa Winfrey and Cacah Cute. Overall, I had fun. (although I feel quite intimidated by those lawrians that went to the ceremony with such glamorous and vogue dress).. During the last performance, the song of our batch was sung by Syameer Ezral  if I am not mistaken and also a few Lawrians that I don't bother to know their names..hehehe... By the way, I did shed my tears during their performance.. Not that their performance was superb and touched my heart but because when the song was sung, I was touched by the lyrics and some memories with fellow Teslians flashed back before me.

At that moment, I felt glad that I made a lot of good and bad memories here at UiTM Kuantan. I will surely miss my dear friends here but I also miss my family back home and just couldn't wait to meet them and spend more time with them during my long holiday after foundation. Now all of us stand on a diverged road. All of us will go on our own way after this. The thought of separation that we will face after this is enough to bring tears to my eyes. There's only less than a month left for us to stay together and create more sweet memories together before we take our own path and wonder when we'll ever meet again. T.T

Well, I don't want to shed any more tears and I don't want you guys to also feel sad or touch. So, let me entertain you guys now with some of the pictures taken from the annual dinner last Saturday..Enjoy.. :D

EColl and KeyKey... sitting at the same table with me

Cacah Cute,Wawa Winfrey and Me

With the mysterious cinderella, GeeGee

Me and Diki

My mask..decorated it myself.. :)
For more pictures, feel free to check my FB account. I already uploaded the pictures taken during the dinner.. :) That's all for now I think..still got some Grammar to do... Till next time..

                                                                                                                                      With lots of LOVE,