Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Story of Mumil,Shumil and Michie


Morning,peeps ~ hehehe.. I don't really usually to be awake at this time. But, yeah~ I'm awake..since I slept early last night as someone asked me to sleep early and take lots of rest.. Final is just around the corner and I feel quite stressed about all the piling works on my table which I struggled to finish.. Well, my reason for waking up so early and typing this is not to babble about how stress I am but to share with you guys the story of Mumil, Shumil and Michie... Who are they? or What are they? hihihi... Continue reading,please... :)

Dear readers,

For those who know what Mumil,Shumil and Michie are,just wait for a moment.... I need to  enlighten those who doesn't know what are these creatures I'm talking about right now... Well, Mumil, Shumil and Michie are three cutest and most adorable cats for cat-lovers here in UiTM Kuantan.. Yep ! they are cats..but so adorable..especially that little Michie... It is just so a ball of furs only..hehehe...So, enough with the introduction.. Now, let me start telling you guys, "The Story of Mumil,Shumil and Michie"

It all started in a misty Monday evening...erm...Twilight actually..If I'm not Drama group was practicing our Drama presentation entitled "Voodoo Vengeance" which the script, I wrote myself..and...also with the contribution of ideas from my group members.. :)

As we were practicing, we were distracted by a some loud noises made by cats.. After a while, we discovered  the source of the noise..and, guess what.. Mumil was fighting with another male cat which I'm not very fond of. That bloody cat was trying to mate with Shumil and Shumil refused. We were so distracted that we just watch what happened between them. Shumil ran away from that bloody male cat and made some hissing noise that cats usually do when they are angry when he came near her..But, when Mumil came near, she didn't show and sign of anger or hatred.. She just let Mumil stayed by her side..(We made the conclusion that Mumil and Shumil really loves each other and that shitty cat just cannot find another beautiful female to mate with) So, after that, the shitty cat tried again.. he walked towards Shumil but Mumil stood in front of her and try to protect her.. The male cat started to feel afraid.. so he turned but tried again...this time, coming to approach Shumil in another side but Shumil refused and made another hissing noise..She went to Mumil that was resting under a car at that time.. She went there and started to mate with him... The other male cat just watched.. Maybe he felt pissed because Shumil refused him but accepted,he went closer to Mumil and Shumil but Mumil chased him away and return to mate with Shumil ...

A few weeks later, we saw Shumil's stomach began to grow.. Yep !  She was pregnant.. and now she already gave birth to a cuddly little kitten that we call Michie... I thought that Michie wouldn'l last long if we didn't really take care of it as daddy cat usually eat its own offspring as it feels intimidated by the new offsprings..(that's what my friends said when I told them my baby hamsters were dead,eaten by the father)..Anyway,our assumption was wrong, Mumil took a really good care of Michie..

GeeGee,the caretaker of the cats told me this story once..of how caring Mumil is until I almost wished that I could have a husband like Mumil..hehehe...Yep ! back to the story.. GeeGee told me that when Mumil and Michie stayed in her room, Mumil would let Michie sleep on the bed where
he usually sleeps and whenever Michie made some noise or waking up, Mumil would jump on the bed and checks if the baby is alright. Michie also likes to stay in the dried drain..for what reason..erm..ask Michie herself..hehe...Anyway, Mumil is very protective and takes good care of the baby he 'made'..

And, yesterday's evening, I saw Mumil and Shumil as I was walking up the stairs to my room. Mumil was helping Shumil to clean up..He licked Shimil's fur and after that Shumil puts her head on Mumil's shoulder..and started to lick Mumil's fur. I felt touched and slightly jealous at that time..I automatically remember this quote that I forgot who mentioned it "To be loved and to love is like feeling the warmth of sun on both sides"...It is just the sole feeling of happiness is you ask me.. I immediately thought of my 'Q'..That night, I called him to tell this story and I told him that I wish we could be like Mumil and Shumil..he just laughed and said that we can't be cats..and he doesn't want to be like Mumil..Well, I was only joking..He doesn't really like cats as the fur of the cat can make his asthma worse.

My point of sharing this story today is not to tel you guys that I want to be a cat but to share with you guys what we can learn from Mumil and Shumil.

First, what to learn from Mumil..Mumil is a great lover in my opinion.. He loves Shumil and Michie so much..He protected them.. He protected the 'girl' that he loves from any harm..and take a good care of the..clean the 'dust' on her and lick away her 'problem'... So, what I want to say here is, this is the truly way to love.not just to share the happiness and fun times together but to also share the pain and sickness together (I remembered that the same evening I called my 'Q' to tell him my problem and I did cry and stuff..he just listened and consoled me...fatherly consoling..which reminded me of my dad when he consoled me when I complains about how much work I need to do) ..Anyway,before I go much far away from my real point, I wanted to express my view that, if cats can love, why can't human? They can love and care for their loved ones, why can't human? Why must human husband abuse human wife? Think about it...are we worse that animals? decide..

Second, also what we can learn from Mumil..Mumil is a caring and responsible father. He took care of Michie and played with her...tend her well and care for her needs.. So, what I want to relate here is, what happen in our society to be precise.. As we are all well informed, most of the babies dumped were those who were illegitimately created by the parents.. As a Muslim adultery  is a sin and to dump the baby doubled the sin. Even if the could not take care of the baby, they should at least think that the baby is a pure soul does nothing wrong. Human nowadays, sorry to say this but some are far worse than animals..even towards their own child,legitimately born,they ignored the child's needs and abandoned them.. Is this the way human should behave? Think about it... Mumil take responsibility of his consequences of mating with Shumil,you should understand what I'm trying to say here..Some adulterers I admit,repent and take good care of the child born after the adultery abut some just don't...

Now, what we should do now is to sit and reflect our self..are we better than animals?  or are we just worse? Come,let us think of what we can do to change the illness in our society now...Until next time...

With lots of LOVE,