Sunday, February 26, 2012



me n my sister with the school bus
Today I went to my previous school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Wataniah (SMKAWA) as I step on the compound of the school, the memories of being the student of SMKAWA flashed back before me. I saw the building of the classes where I used to study in, play with my friends, know of science,maths, and languages, know of friendship and know of life.

Then, I walked to the hall where I saw the prefects and remembered how I used to wear that majestic blue uniform. I watched the little form one students and I suddenly remembered how it was like to be in their survive the first days at SMKAWA..Then, my legs brought me to the canteen. It was empty but I could see my friends and I there.. chatting and laughing before our meals..Talk about boys,teachers,Korea,studies and many more..I heard the laughter there..all the noise we used to have during recess..I saw my friends lining up to buy their food and drinks..At that time, I realize how much I miss my school life..The beautiful memories that I wish I can repeat.

me n my bestest friend ever, Ezzah
I walk around the school after that.. I meet many new students that I don't know but I smiled to them as I see the faces and the smiles of my friends in theirs.I went to the mosque then.. A place that I miss the most as it was the place that my friends and I feel closest to Him. It was the place where we used to pray together,recite Qur'an together and strengthen our ukhwah fillah.. When I took the ablution, I saw the reflection of me and my friends in the cool and clear water in the 'kolah' where my friends and I used to take ablution together and perform Dhuha during our recess. I walked into the mosque and cried as I miss my friends so much..especially Rosha and Ezzah... and I still cry as I am writting this...
the 2009 Debate team (Kak Iza,Yen,Yan,me n Kak Ma)

Me and my twin, Nisa and.. Pijah also,there

That's how I look  like when I was in Form 5

Prefect's trip to Melaka.. miss all of them.. :)


Our graduation day.. :)
Then, I walked from the mosque to the school and remembered how my friends and I used to walk like that and talk about so many things and how I regret it so much for not taking each word they say to my heart..And as I was waiting for my father at Taman Simfoni, I listened to the miniature waterfall and my tears fall again. I wonder what can I do to bring back the memories as I would give anything in the world just to have another day to be with my friends in this place we call SMKAWA,our school that teach us so much in life... :")

*I went to school today to discuss about 2012 English fun Camp with Sir Zaharani..The discussion started at 8 and we discussed until 11 am..I wrote this in my notebook after the discussion ended..I showed to Sir Zahar what I wrote and he laughed and said that 'I can feel how much you miss this school from the way you write'*

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With lots and lots of LOVE,