Monday, February 20, 2012

Why they call me Kak Rita ??

As I mentioned before...I am called by various names..One of the names is Kak Rita.. Why? How? When? hahaha.. People frequently ask me the same question too.. Now, let me tell...During the first sem of my life at UiTM Kuantan, me and my friends stayed at Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia (LKPIM).. I always sit at the 'sofa' because it was windy there and more comfortable compared from in our,I like to 'lepak2' there with my friends.. :) ...And there's one day, a girl named Nur Amalina Hussin or MUDIKI..came and sat with me n my friends.. We cracked some jokes and I laughed my head off..Mudiki suddenly shouted and keep telling that my laugh was same to the one that Rita Rudaini had in the movie Mami Jarum... =.="...And since then,she keep calling me Kak Rita..and since then also,my friends also started to call me Kak Rita and forget to call me by my own name..hahaha...So, that's the story of how people started to call me KAK RITA... T.H.E E.N.D :)

                   Yup ! Here's me and Diki..the first person to ever call me KAK RITA.... :)

                                                             Some of my beloved friends... :)

Do you guys realize that Diki is in every picture? hahahahaha... :)..Until next time..

                                                                                                                               With lots of LOVE,