Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dil to pagal hai~

"What can I tell you about him ?
Where do I begin ?
Well, you should realize that :
I have never met anyone like him.
Sometimes, he's an 'angel',
Sometimes, he's the 'devil',
Sometimes he's crazy,
Sometimes he's a genius, 
Sometimes he scold me,
And sometimes he makes funny faces,
And makes me laugh,
At times, he is more stubborn than a child,
And at times he is a beloved companion,
What he is or is not,
I cannot really express in words,
But I don't know why..
I feel that when he looks at me,
I am beautiful,
When he laughs,
I feel like dancing,
When he's upset,
I feel like holding him in my arms,
When he loves me,
my eyes filled with tears,
He made me realized that :
I am made for him and he is made for me,
I love him very much,
Not for one day or one moment..
But for my whole life.."

-Pooja,Dil To Pagal Hai-

#Dil To Pagal Hai ( The Heart Is Crazy) was  released on October 31, 1997, depicting the love lives of dancers in a musical dance troupe. The tag line is "Someone,somewhere is made for you..." It was directed by Yash Chopra. It stars Shah Rukh Khan (Rahul), Madhuri Dixit (Pooja) , Karishma Kapoor (Nisha) and Akshay Kumar (Ajay) in a supporting role.-WIKI-

*Specially dedicated to Q...This is for you..and this is what I feel for you.. :)