Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Cycle of LIFE..

We love and being loved.
We hurt and being hurt.
We laugh and make others laugh.
We smile and make others smile.
We cry and make others cry.

It's called LIFE.There's ups & downs.Sometimes you are GOOD and sometimes you are BAD.We are not ANGELS,we are HUMAN after all.We make mistakes.Forgive and forget.What's done is done.Past is past.Don't worry about past,worry about future.Don't SWEAR,complaint and talk but never too much.Grateful, always..

----> Even in the most darkest hour,there's still light..If someone remembers to turn on the light :)

"Allah tak bagi kesusahan kepada hamba-Nya kalau Dia tahu hambanya itu tak mampu nak hadapi kesusahan tu" -tak ingat ayat nya yang betul..but that's as much of it..hikhikhik..Whatever happens,be strong :)
#dedicated to my friend Farhan Ahlaamie,myself and those people that I've hurted so bad and that have hurt me..I don't keep grudge,and I hope none would keep one on me :)